What is AxtraHand®?

aXtra Hand

9 adjustable locking positions with a 240 degree radius.

AxtraHand® has designed and developed a family of products (Clamping Systems or IV Tows) to address the difficulties with the transporting of a patient in a wheelchair, stretcher or bed attached to an intravenous pole.

AxtraHand® is a partnership between Arnold Herskovic MD, whose oldest son is a mechanical engineer and anesthesiologist and Sigfried Charow, the owner of I & G Tool Company, Inc. I & G Tool is a family owned business which manufactures the AxtraHand® product line. They work extensively with the auto industry, US government and are appropriately certified to the ISO9001:2000 Quality Standard.

The inspiration of the development of these products was the transport of several patients back to their rooms by Dr. Herskovic who is a radiation oncologist. He is known in the discipline; several of his clinical innovations are the standard of practice. It was obvious that the present non-system was difficult and sub-optimal. During development of the Clamping Systems, Dr. Herskovic pushed stretchers and wheelchairs with IV poles over 10 miles. The St. John Macomb transport staff has piloted the clamping systems as well and has been invaluable with their comments.

WHEELCHAIRS: Most wheelchairs have a handle bar similar to a bicycle. Our solution is to insert the connector into the handlebar; this method is the safest and most cost effective. The Clamping System can accommodate ramps, elevators and easily allow for different preferences as to positioning of the IV pole relative to the wheelchair.

STRETCHERS: There is a large variation in stretchers. We have a clamp attachment and a bolted version available, both of which can accommodate tilting of the stretcher as in Trendelenburg positioning. The stretchers can be raised or lowered and limit the potential of the pole to rotate.

BEDS: There is a great variability in beds. Thus far we have found that the best attachment points are either the space used for an IV pole at the head of the bed (such as the new Hill-Rom beds) or the hand holds.

IV POLES: The diameter of the poles vary greatly partly because they have been acquired over many years. Most IV poles differ in diameter from 3/4th inch and 1 1⁄4 inches and even larger. We have manufactured a universal clamping system to accommodate the majority of IV Poles being used today.

CUSTOM DESIGN: We have produced several attachments that are useful to accommodate those who have to manage cabinets, carts, etc. This was a response to a direct inquiry and is now available to all. Most of the clamping systems for this type of use are design specific. If you are interested in a custom designed clamping system, we are more than happy to provide you with a concept and quote.

The major challenge is the array of “standard” equipment. This is especially apparent among stretchers and beds. We are continuously adapting our product line to meet the many varieties of equipment currently being used in medical facilities.