Wheelchair to IV Pole Quick Release Clamping System

Product Code: CH-1003QR (Patent Pending)

The same quality, ease of use and safety as the regular CH-1003 but with a bit more versatility for being used in larger facilities with hundreds of wheelchairs.

  • One “Clamping Arm” for multiple wheelchairs
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Decreases wrist, arm and back strain
  • “Anchor” attaches to either handle
  • 9 Adjustable locking positions
  • 240 degree adjustable radius
  • Safe and secure
  • Decreases injuries to nurses, transporting personnel and patients
  • Accepts standard IV Pole diameters between ¾” to 1 ¼”

For example: You have 100 wheelchairs that you would like to incorporate into your Safety-Quality program. You also have 30 designated personnel/or departments who will be utilizing these particular wheelchairs.

We would suggest purchasing a CH-1003QR System that includes:

  • 30 of the CH-1003: Wheelchair to IV Pole Clamping System (minus Locking Bolt and Anchors)
  • 30 of the CH-1003-E: Quick Release Pin
  • 100 of the CH-1003-A: Anchors
  • Each wheelchair would be fitted with an Anchor,
  • Each person/department would have their own Clamp along with the Quick Release Pin,
  • The Clamps can be put on and taken off as needed, the only part that would stay on the wheelchair permanently would be the Anchor.

Download information about CH-1003QR.

Why not use the IV Pole that’s on the wheelchair or stretcher?

Transferring bags and pumps from the patients IV Pole to the IV Pole on a wheelchair can lead to inadvertent changes in a pump settings, as well as twisting of the tubing.  Which in turn could poorly effect the patients health and well-being.

 Time may also be a factor.  Nurses are primarily the ones that are required to move all pumps and bags from one IV Pole to another.  A transporter will have to wait for a nurse to make those changes prior to moving a patient.

With our Clamping Systems – the patients IV Pole stays with the patient at all times.